The Australian Music Show

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The Australian Music Show is a highly interactive, entertaining and comical performance that introduces children to a wide variety of musical instruments and themes. Instruments include; guitar, keyboards, didgeridoo, harmonica, voice and percussion. Children are exposed to concepts which promote self esteem and develop positive relationships. An hilarious educational show that has the audience engaged from start to finish. Please note, unfortunately we don’t provide incursions for childcare centres.

Our Incursions are an approach to education that draws on positive psychology’s emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.

Supports ACARA learning outcomes and learning areas; “The Arts” “Health & Physical Education” “Values Education” and “Interpersonal Development”.

Music Show Segments

Making MusicResponding to Music
Slurp Song
Lion King
Body Percussion Storm
Ooh La La
Adventure Time
We will rock you
I can do that!
Percussion Performers
Echo Song
Didgeridoo guessing
Guitar Story
Step-Step Clap-Clap
Train Song
Air guitar
Foundation to Year 2Year 3 and Year 4Year 5 and Year 6
Develop aural skills by exploring and imitating sounds, pitch and rhythm patterns using voice, movement and body percussionDevelop aural skills by exploring, imitating and recognising elements of music including dynamics, pitch and rhythm patternsExplore dynamics and expression, using aural skills to identify and perform rhythm and pitch patterns
Sing and play instruments to improvise, practise a repertoire of chants, songs and rhymes, including songs used by cultural groups in the communityPractise singing, playing instruments and improvising music, using elements of music including rhythm, pitch, dynamics and form in a range of pieces, including in music from the local communityDevelop technical and expressive skills in singing and playing instruments with understanding of rhythm, pitch and form in a range of pieces, including in music from the community
Create compositions and perform music to communicate ideas to an audienceCreate, perform and record compositions by selecting and organising sounds, silence, tempo and volumeRehearse and perform music including music they have composed by improvising, sourcing and arranging ideas and making decisions to engage an audienceRehearse and perform music including music they have composed by improvising, sourcing and arranging ideas and making decisions to engage an audience
Respond to music and consider where and why people make music, starting with Australian music, including music of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeoplesIdentify intended purposes and meanings as they listen to music using the elements of music to make comparisons, starting with Australian music, including music of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeoplesExplain how the elements of music communicate meaning by comparing music from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music

General Capabilities

Cross Curriculum Priorities

Suitable for children K-7

As seen on…

  • TV as Humphrey Bear’s “Special Friends”: CLICK HERE to watch footage from SA Life TV!!
  • And Mix 102.4 Breakfast shows
  • Performed for the ROYAL FAMILY
  • SOLD OUT performances at the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals 2017,18, 19, 20
  • Entertained over 30,000 people, Elder Park, Carols By Candlelight
  • Performed for the Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant
  • Hilarious Royal Adelaide Show performances
  • Over 200 School and Festival shows each year Australia wide.
  • Performances with Samantha Jade, The Collective, The Jersey Boys and Jon Stevens

The Australian Music Show is a comical and hilarious performance filled with fun and excitement. An interactive production featuring characters like Spongebob, Harry Potter, Olaf from Frozen and songs by, Pink, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Guy Sebastian as well as all our original favourites. You’ll also experience, Magic Tricks, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard & Didgeridoo Playing, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Action Songs.

In accordance with the National Framework for Values, The Australian Music Show addresses issues such as integrity, responsibility, honesty, compassion and tolerance in a light hearted manner.

The presenters Michael Evans and Michelle Matthews are qualified, registered teachers and professional musicians. They perform over 200 shows each year in schools and Festivals and have extensive experience in the field of children’s entertainment.

If you’re planning any function in your school or community we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with this outstanding production.

The Australian Music Show was a fantastic mix of comedy and music that had the children enthralled and amazed the entire performance. They left the show buzzing wanting more.

Wanguri Primary, Darwin

Wow! How fantastic to see our students so excited about science! I have a whole class asking to re-create the fun experiments they saw in the show and the presenters were outstanding. Can’t wait to have the show back in 2016.

Marmion Primary School, WA

This show is outstanding!!!! the children were completely engaged and absorbed —- highly recommended- Nadia Pasquini St Joseph’s School,

Hectorville, SA

To see such enthusiastic presenters and watch the children being totally engaged was fantastic. It was a combination of fascinating experiments and interactive songs and skits. A brilliant presentation.

Clifton Hills Primary, Kelmscott, WA.

We were amazed by the Silly Scientist, such an absorbing, interactive show. The children and teachers alike were engaged the whole time. The presenters had such a brilliant rapport with us all, we’d have no hesitation in recommending the Silly Scientist, it’s simply brilliant.

St Mary’s College, Mackay QLD

“Seeing the children so engaged and enthusiastic for the duration of the show was brilliant. It’s been two weeks since the performance and the children haven’t stopped talking about it!”

James Meiksans. St Pius X, Windsor Gardens

“What a fantastic show. Great to see the presenters involving the teachers with the children throughout the presentation! Such a good message delivered to the children about wellbeing, having a go and getting along”.

Nadia Catalano. St Joseph’s, Hectorville