The Wellbeing Show

Positive Enhancement Program (PEP)

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This incursion will teach simple, practical and highly effective positive education strategies to your students.

ONLY $6 PER STUDENT (conditions apply, sorry we don’t provide for childcare centres).

“The Wellbeing Show” gives students specific strategies and ideas to use both logic and positive emotions to respond to their everyday environment.

We focus on empowering teachers and students with knowledge and skills to support their Positive Education journey.

Over 2000 schools have partnered with us bringing the program to more than 400,000 students.

POSITIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS can decrease behavioural challenges by over 60%.

A primary school incursion which promotes POSITIVE EDUCATION and blends academic learning with character and wellbeing. Our show is an approach to education that draws on positive psychology’s emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.

With over 15 years experience our presenters are fully qualified, registered teachers who are leading experts in student wellbeing.

“The Wellbeing Show” is an interactive performance which aims to promote the attitudes and behaviours that each student needs to acquire, in order to be successful academically, in social interactions with others and to generally experience happiness and wellbeing within themselves.

For students to THRIVE & FLOURISH we encourage: Positive Emotions and Gratitude, Relationships and Empathy, Accomplishment and Optimism, Health & Strengths, Meaning & Purpose, Engagement and Mindfulness.

The performance highlights; strategies for success such as Excellence, Grit, Determination, Positive Emotions, Positive Relationships, Optimism, Positive Purpose, Happiness, Being Healthy, Confidence, Achievement and laughter. With hilarious comedy skits, singing, guitar, didgeridoo, percussion and much more the students are completely engaged the entire time.

Supports ACARA learning outcomes and supports the Australian Curriculum.

Suitable for children K/R- 7

The Australian Music Show was a fantastic mix of comedy and music that had the children enthralled and amazed the entire performance. They left the show buzzing wanting more.

Wanguri Primary, Darwin

Wow! How fantastic to see our students so excited about science! I have a whole class asking to re-create the fun experiments they saw in the show and the presenters were outstanding. Can’t wait to have the show back in 2016.

Marmion Primary School, WA

This show is outstanding!!!! the children were completely engaged and absorbed —- highly recommended- Nadia Pasquini St Joseph’s School,

Hectorville, SA

To see such enthusiastic presenters and watch the children being totally engaged was fantastic. It was a combination of fascinating experiments and interactive songs and skits. A brilliant presentation.

Clifton Hills Primary, Kelmscott, WA.

We were amazed by the Silly Scientist, such an absorbing, interactive show. The children and teachers alike were engaged the whole time. The presenters had such a brilliant rapport with us all, we’d have no hesitation in recommending the Silly Scientist, it’s simply brilliant.

St Mary’s College, Mackay QLD

“Seeing the children so engaged and enthusiastic for the duration of the show was brilliant. It’s been two weeks since the performance and the children haven’t stopped talking about it!”

James Meiksans. St Pius X, Windsor Gardens

“What a fantastic show. Great to see the presenters involving the teachers with the children throughout the presentation! Such a good message delivered to the children about wellbeing, having a go and getting along”.

Nadia Catalano. St Joseph’s, Hectorville